Seeking Alpha - First, as noted by the Published Articles selection, I am a contributor on Seeking Alpha (SA). My SA profile provides more information about me, plus provides access to all of my articles. You can register (it's free) on SA and customize your views of what you see. You can select any article I have written, either from my profile, or by using the links under my Published Articles selection on this website. After the article on SA has come up, you can scroll down to the bottom, and leave a comment. Your comment doesn't have to be related to the article. I will be flagged that a comment has been posted, so I will take a look at it and respond as appropriate. You can also send me a private message through SA. So using SA is one way to communicate. Note that while most articles I have written are on SA, as of 11/2012 I have begun contributing to other websites as well, so I have changed the selection from SA Articles to be a more general, all-conclusive caption, Published Articles.

LinkedIn - Next, I am on LinkedIn, the professional networking site. My profile on LinkedIn (click on profile to see it, will open in a new window) provides even more information about me, and is public, so you don't have to register on the site to see it. I have created an open LinkedIn group, Optimum Stock Investing, which anyone who is signed up on LinkedIn can join. I will post any new articles of mine that are published on Seeking Alpha to all members of the group, plus communication between myself and others on LinkedIn is facilitated by LinkedIn's message system.

Facebook - I have established a Facebook Page as a complement to this website, named John D. Thomason's Optimum Stock Investing Page. In addition to posting to my Daily Blog on my own website, I will post each blog update to the "wall" of the Facebook Page. Further, any new SA articles I produce will be posted to the Page's "wall".  Visitors can sign up to become "fans" of the Page, and can leave comments on the "wall". Thus, a third way to comment and/or communicate with me and others is available via the Facebook Page.

Twitter - I am also on Twitter, as thomasonjdt. I will "tweet" the particulars each time I update the Daily Blog, providing a link to the blog, and I will include any stock symbols of stocks discussed. Seeking Alpha's editors will issue a "tweet" each time a new article is published, and I will follow up with my own "tweet" as well. I can of course receive "tweets" from anyone on twitter, so that is yet another way to communicate.

RSS - I have provided for an RSS feed for updates to my Daily Blog. You can subscribe from my Home page or my Daily Blog page. Click HERE for a popup that explains my approach to RSS.  Seeking Alpha provides an RSS feed for my articles. Go to the SA Articles selection for more information.Frankly, I would be surprised if RSS is still in use.

Google Plus - I am on Google Plus also, as John Thomason, and my Google email is At this time I'm not too active, with no friends, no family, no acquaintances,  and no followers in my "circles". I'm just a sad and lonely guy, I guess. Feel free to add me to your "circle". I will "recommend on Google" each time a new article that I have authored is published on Seeking Alpha. Note: Google Plus is no more, it never really took off as a social media choice.  

Email - Finally, interested parties can always communicate with me via plain, old-fashioned email, directed to my regular email address at A shortcut is available using my feedback form by clicking on LEAVE COMMENT below, which will automatically send me an email from you, but certain conditions are required for it to work. Your browser must be compatible with your default email program on your computer, and your email program must be able to send mail from the location you are connected to. Go ahead and click on it, the form page will explain the required conditions in more detail. You can always exit the form page without trying it if you do not believe the conditions will be met.