The Market Day Worksheet functions as a daily journal and data collection document. Prior to the open, enter the previous closing values for the major indices, scheduled economic releases and consensus expected values, and all upgrades, downgrades, or initiated coverages to see if any stocks of interest have been upgraded/downgraded. Post the release values as they occur. Use the activity section as a scratch pad, noting any orders entered, and whether filled or not. Other notations could be of articles read, new stocks to consider, or tabulations of stocks "on the radar" in buying or selling range.

After the close, calculate the gain/loss results from any positions closed and fill in the recap section. Post the ending values for the indices of interest, and also post the market internals to get a feel for what type of day it really was. Finally, review again the upgrades/downgrades for the day and add any that were released during the day after your original review.