One row is filled in for each trade as a position is opened or added to. Recorded are the stock symbol, company name, price paid, number of shares or units, transaction date, commission, and brokerage. Columns are provided for current month dividends, plus quarter-to-date, year-to-date, and inception-to-date. I only record dividends on the first line. If a partial sale occurs later, the dividends figures are broken out so the dividends allocated to shares sold go with them to the closed positions worksheet. This can be problematical sometimes, but necessary if an entirely accurate picture is desired. Entries are made in date sequence as they occur, except that additions to a position are recorded with all prior entries for that position. Also, note that the symbol and name are not repeated for subsequent adds. Only the monthly dividends are totaled.

If a covered call is sold against a position, show "XYX call" for symbol, and enter the expiration month, year, and strike for name, as "Mmm YYYY 99.99", for example "Oct  2011 40.00". To indicate a short position, enter the price as a negative number. Enter the number of contracts in quantity. Consider this as an addition to an existing position, to be entered immediately after the share purchase entries.

When positions are closed, delete from this section and add to the closed positions section.