Prior to each month, determine all dividends anticipated and post the date and amount into the estimated column. Each day, as dividends are received, post the actual values. At month end, total the dividends column and post in the recap section. Note interest received from cash in each brokerage, total, and likewise post into the recap area. The monthly cumulative total of capital gains/losses from the final Daily Journal is copied to the recap. Finally, any expenses or fees not attributable to any specific investment are entered. Examples are annual IRA fees, monthly fees for option quotes, newsletter subscription renewals, and so on. The monthly results can then be calculated.

This is a first pass at determining the month's results. The dividend details and specifics of gains/losses for each closed position are now entered into the Excel spreadsheet, which provides the totals automatically for these items. After all entries, if the total dividends and total capital gains/losses on the spreadsheet do not match the Monthly Results worksheet, the error(s) must be found and corrected.