Thank you for your interest in subscribing to my Daily Blog RSS Feed. Since the location of my Daily Blog does not change (it is always http://www.optimumstockinvesting.com/DailyBlogHdr.htm), I initially adopted an approach of generating a unique "stub" web page with the date and 1st, 2nd, Fin, etc. imbedded in the URL, to "trick" the feed aggregator (Google Reader) into recognizing the RSS update as a new item. All stub pages contained a redirect after 2 seconds to the actual Daily Blog web page. I subsequently learned this was not necessary, that there was an easier way to make the feed aggregator recognize an update as a new item. The improved process went into effect on February 7, 2012. Because of the earlier method, the earlier Daily Blog feed entries require these "stub" redirect pages to exist to avoid a "web page not found" error if the link on one of these outdated feed entries is clicked. To avoid this, I will leave the "stub" web pages alone for a few months. Eventually, as time goes by (a couple of months, at least) I will delete them in the interest of keeping the site "clean".

As noted on my site, all Daily Blogs for the current month are available in the regular Daily Blog location, and all prior month Daily Blogs are available in my archived Daily Blogs. My intent at this time is to keep all archived Daily Blogs available online indefinitely, although as time goes on, I will probably purge old Daily Blogs after a year or so.