Several forms and worksheets have been developed by the author for use in applying the strategy outlined. If a visitor wants to use any of them, a zip file of all forms discussed here can be downloaded as indicated. The documents are MicroSoft Word files, while the worksheets are MicroSoft Excel files. If you do not have these MicroSoft Office products available, they can be modified as desired for your use with the (free) OpenOffice software. In this section, a scanned image is shown along with a narrative on how I use the form. The letter-size portrait forms are normally presented side-by-side to the associated narrative. If your browser window is not wide enough, the form snapshot for these will be below the selection frame instead of side-by-side. To correct this, increase your browser window width, and if necessary, adjust your browser view ZOOM and/or TEXT SIZE. The landscape forms and associated narrative are presented one on top of the other, there is not enough room to show them side-by-side. The form snapshots are hard to read in some cases, they are only useful to identify the form. To see all of the form detail, just pull down the zip file and view or print the forms as an alternative to viewing the snapshots. 

Effective 6/13/2012, a new Detailed Stock Analysis form has been provided in the Zip format. The form is a Word file, and can be downloaded and customized for use..



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