As noted on the prior page, certain conditions are required for this email method to work. Your browser must be compatible with your default email program on your computer, and your email program must be able to send mail from the location you are connected to. If you use web mail in lieu of a client-based email program, it will not work. Your email program must be the default email program for your computer, but it does not have to be open for this auto email to work. After you SUBMIT, if your browser is IE, your browser will popup a box notifying you that an email is being requested. Click OK. Then your email program will display a similar box warning against viruses and so on - again click OK. If your browser is Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, the aforementioned boxes do not come up - instead, a full-page of the proposed email appears. You can make any final modifications if you wish, or just click on send. In all cases, I display a Response Confirmation page, that only confirms that as far as Optimum Stock Investing knows, the process went OK. To be really sure the message was sent, you will need to sign on to your email and check. Both the Confirmation page and this Visitor Response page can then be closed, either by using the button shown, or by using the regular browser close X in the upper right corner.   

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