One column is filled out at the end of each week. Since occasionally a form will transcend a year, the year is indicated for each column, then the month/day of the last trading day of the week just ended. For each brokerage, indicate the Total Value of the account, the Cash Available, and the difference as Stock Value, which will include all securities, including options. (Note that option values for options sold will be negative, representing a liability, the cost to buy back the option and escape from the option contract.) I also note the cash values of bank accounts, to give a fuller picture of my status. I compute an IRA total, a non-IRA total, and a grand total.  Finally, I total up the cash from all the brokerage accounts. Although not shown as rows on the form, I then compute the percent of total value represented by cash, and I note where the S&P 500 Index closed at for the week. Ideally, the cash level rises as the S&P 500 rises, and vice-versa.