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The activities I am able to participate in that require some strength and endurance are where there is a huge payoff from being physically fit. I have belonged to the Sno Jets Ski, Hike, and Bike Club off and on (off only when I didn't live here) since 1999. The club has year-round activities, ski trips in winter, hikes and mountain bike rides when ski season is off, and numerous social events, such as meet-ups at dive bars, dinners at member's homes, or parties. We had a wonderful Christmas dinner last year at a local restaurant, best time I'd had in years. During ski season, the club meets semi-monthly at a local golf course clubhouse. Events are scheduled in advance, and an interactive web site facilitates communication and participation.

Another activity that I have become very involved in lately is Western Line Dancing, which is huge in Colorado Springs. There are several dance clubs in town offering free line dance lessons, and the crowds at these places seem larger every week. The genre now includes a lot of music that is anything but western, which is fine with me, with line dances performed to some pop music standards. With this, I feel that I have finally found places where we old rock n rollers can go to have a good time. There is a degree of camaraderie among the fans of this activity, you see the same people at the different clubs, and everyone is very friendly and helpful towards newbies trying to get the hang of it.

Following are some photos from the ski slopes, some hikes, and of me all decked out in cowboy garb as I'm heading out to the dance clubs. Playing cowboy is part of the fun, and anyway, I qualify, I'm an alumnus of Oklahoma State University. Folks acquainted with the school know our mascot is Pistol Pete, and our teams are the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Nothing is sweeter than when Oklahoma State defeats The Texas Longhorns on the gridiron!

This first photo is of Pikes Peak, as seen from Memorial Park, a block away from where I live. I go for a walk there nearly every day. The 2nd photo is from a ski club hike in Red Rocks Open Space, a Colorado Springs city park located up Hiway 24 just South of Garden of the Gods.


The next two photos are also from ski club hikes, another from Red Rocks, and one from our annual hike to view the Aspen colors.


The next several photos are from ski trips, Wolf Creek, Vail, and Breckenridge. This is what it's all about in Colorado. I take my camera up one time at each location, to get some good photos. I'm very cautious on the way down, stopping to take photos when appropriate, and trying not to take a spill, don't want the camera to get smashed.

                  Two photos from Wolf Creek. Taken in late October, the first ski outing of the year. The main ski resorts had not yet opened at this point.


The next two are from Vail. At this point, the resort was open, but not a lot of snow yet. The first photo is just off the highway on the way up, via the back roads, avoiding Denver traffic. The road at this point has several hairpin turns, posted at 10 MPH. No Kidding! The second is from the top of the mountain at Vail.


               These two are from Breckenridge, later on in the season. There was plenty of snow by this time. I'm longing for ski season after revisiting these pics!


I don't have any action photos of Western Line Dancing, but I do have a few of me in my cowboy duds. My cowboy threads are from when I lived in Houston, from the early 1980's. Right now, I am in an intensive effort to get up to speed, going out three or more nights a week, plus reviewing Utube instruction videos during the day and practicing the steps. Like everything I do, once I commit to it, I'm all in on getting to where I want to be. It's challenging, but already I've had enough success to be encouraged.








                                                                                      After an evening of line dancing, this cowboy is ready to crash on the sofa!