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Like all young people, I took health for granted and never gave it much thought. My outlook began to shift as I grew older, influenced by the Colorado lifestyle, particularly as contrasted with people from my hometown in Oklahoma. We have had numerous class reunions through the years, and the contrast became more obvious as time passed. I will confess to being somewhat health and fitness obsessed at this point. Although I never was a smoker, I realized as I entered my thirties that I needed to improve my diet and adopt a regular exercise regimen. I have been tightening up on both ever since, as I came to the realization that this was IMPORTANT!

I have belonged to a health club since the eighties, and I have been exercising vigorously, both aerobic and resistance training, for many years. I have weights and other exercise equipment at home, and unlike many, I exercise at home regularly. The payoff is not only looking and feeling good, but being able to participate in fun activities that require one to be fit, such as hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. See next section for details. Oh, and what about controlling my diet? The answer is extreme vigilance. Avoid dining out, number one. Also, avoid preservatives, hormones, various artificial enhancements that modern food production methods put into food that shouldn't be there. Educate yourself on nutrition. Become a hawk-eyed reader of labels at the grocery store.

Modern medicine in America is not only ridiculously expensive, much of what is prescribed does more harm than good. Question anything a Dr. advises, do your own research to see what you can learn on your own. Avoid prescription medications, especially maintenance medications, look for natural solutions.

What about supplements? There may be some that are worthwhile, but I doubt it. Most are a waste of money. It is almost always better to get what you need from food rather than from a supplement.

I take no prescription drugs, no supplements, and I am a vegetarian. Further, I avoid dairy products, yogurt being an exception, and also I avoid wheat products, such as bread and crackers. All I can say is, a list of what I don't eat is much longer than what I do eat. Surprisingly, I enjoy food much more now than I used to.

Several photos are offered below to illustrate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.



                                    Above are screen shots from my fitness video. To view the short video on Utube, click on this link:   





                                                                                                    After Working Out, time to crash on the sofa!



                                                                            See new photos below taken November 2019, working out harder than ever