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I have more interests than I have time for, it seems, but being aware and involved in a number of things is what makes life interesting. Here is an abbreviated list:

Atop the list is the financial markets. I follow the stock, futures, commodities, and crypto markets daily, plus keep up with the various economic releases as they come out from the government or industry associations. I track all news developments on the 100+ stocks I follow, and update my web site weekly. I also keep up with tax changes and IRS rulings that I need to be aware of as a tax preparer. I have had over 45 or so financial articles published on Seeking Alpha, and I try to produce two or three a year, just to remain an active contributor. I have over 100 books on economics, investments, stocks, options, charts, financial statements, trading, and more, including many of the great financial classics, such as Securities Analysis by Graham and Dodd. I have read them all, and the best, several times. 

I am now getting into photography. I have a Nikon DSLR D-3400 camera I bought a year ago, and I'm learning how to use it. It has capabilities that would have required a $3000-$5000 camera a few short years ago, while my investment is only about $1000, which includes three lenses, a tripod, and a remote shutter switch. I also have Photoshop Elements, which I have barely scratched the surface of learning how to use. One thing for sure, there are plenty of photo opportunities in Colorado. Here's a couple of zoom lens shots I took recently while out on my daily walk in the park, Pikes Peak close-up, and a couple of swimming geese.


I have been fascinated by computers since college days, when I took my first programming course. That is why I chose a career path in Information Technology, instead of a traditional Industrial Engineering path. I have seen huge changes in capabilities of computing and networks over my working career, and it isn't slowing down. I pay Earthlink for Web Hosting, and I handle all support activities relating to my website by myself. I have a fully equipped home office, with three monitors connected, plus print capability, and a scanner that can create a PDF file from multiple pages of input documents.

I am a history buff, primarily of conflicts between nations and peoples. I have studied the origins and details of both World Wars, the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, the Civil War, the Arab-Israeli wars, and to a lesser extent, many other conflicts of human history. I have a 35 volume set of books from Time-Life on WWII, which presents material at a level of detail unsurpassed. I also have their 20 volume set on the Third Reich, which again is more detailed than any other work on the topic I have seen.

I have always loved motorcycles, but I will admit they are dangerous, at least in traffic. I have had a motorcycle of some sort nearly every year of my life since I was 13 years old. Oh, how I wish I had some of those machines back. In 1999, I finally reached the pinnacle, buying a brand-new Harley Davidson 1200cc Sportster. I still have it, and it is still like new, with only 3500 miles in 20 years. I only ride recreationally, and I avoid traffic and busy streets. It has been awhile since I've laid one down, and never since I've had the Harley. But I am well aware of the risk, driven home in my consciousness by a couple of crashes that easily could have been fatal. The first photo was recent, Pikes Peak in the background. The second photo is from 1999, for comparison.


I am a music buff. I actually have played guitar, learning just enough to play in some adhoc bands when I was in college. I have a Fender Telecaster, and once in awhile I get it out to see if I remember how to play anything. But I basically never advanced after finishing college, as life intervened to derail my plan to be a rock star. I also have over 300 music CDs, covering about everything I liked from the 50's into the 2000's. We're talking Rock-n-Roll of course. I have all the CD's copied to my computer, for backup purposes.

Right now, I have two cars, a 2016 Lexus 350ES with barely 30000 miles on it, and a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon sports car with manual shift, six forward speed transmission. I mostly drive the Huyndai, it's a lot more fun, and my mountain bike will fit in the back as the seats fold down to yield cargo space. The little beast has nearly 250,000 miles on it, but still runs great. I have a garage, but between boxes of stuff I refuse to get rid of and the motorcycle, both cars are out in the cold. Sorry!