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                                The information offered from the selections is summarized below. Each selection expands upon the summary, and where applicable, provides photos.

                                                   Credentials - Presents a summary of education and work history with some documentation.

                                                   Background - A brief summary of where I came from, my family, the path I took to get where I am today.

                                                   Health & Fitness - Illustrates that this topic is one of my passions, with photos (all taken May 2019) to prove it. 

                                                   Activities - My favorite recreational activities, emphasizing outdoor adventures, with a few photos.

                                                   Interests - A word or two regarding the numerous Interests that I have, including the obvious ones of investments and income taxes.

                                 As you can see, I'm not necessarily a dress shirt, coat and tie personality all the time - only when required to present a professional appearance!

                                 Pictured below are my two "bikes", a 1200CC Harley Sportster and a 21 speed Schwinn Mountain Bike, both owned since 1999. The truth is, I have

                                 logged more miles on the Mountain Bike than the Harley since purchase. The Harley is fun, but I don't get any exercise riding it. Not so the Schwinn.